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3 pups of thai ridgeback open their eyes!


In Midnight Music kennel was born 9th litter of  thai tidgeback! it is third generation of their own dogs! Our new litter «P» has already opened eyes on 12th day of their life! Our three  puppies even have names: Pearl, Palace and Prince!

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Thai Ridgeback Dogs litter «P»


In kennel Midnaight Music from our stud dog Hiro Thai Ponalmaj and beautiful Midnight Music Mission Save Marsi (Hiro X Igla) were born 3 bautiful velur black puppies. The litter is clear from DS, kinky tails and absolutly healthy. Now our new Thai Ridgeback Dogs are 22 days old and we would like to present […]

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We have first puppies in 2012!


In Kennel FCI Midnaight Music was born first litter from our Hiro and famous Igla in 2012 year! Pups were born 28 September 2012.  The litter consists of 2 females and 1 male. All are deep black. Puppies are healthy, all with long simetric ridges, long tails without kink. The litter  of Thai Ridgeback Dog […]

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Health test


  My Thai Ridgeback Dog Hiro got through several health tests. He is almost 4 years. X-ray vertebral column – free from any hernia, rupture, distortions X-ray HD –A/A, free from dysplasia X-ray tail – free from distortions, kink Thyroid – exelent USG organs: kidneys, adrenal gland, stomach, intestine, bladder, prostate, liver, heart – exelent state […]

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Thai Ridgeback Dog on Wedding Party!


One  of my best friends Ekaterina got married at the beginning of August. We were invited. I can’t leave Hiro home  — so i took him with me. It was a long trip by train — 17 hours. I love to travel with my  Thai Ridgeback Dog. He is always calm, obidient and seems to enjoy […]

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Hiro’s son Ivory is again Best Puppy!


Today was Dog Show in Kalisz (Poland).  There were thai ridgeback dogs from different kennels. Ivory is  6 months only but took part in 5 Dogs Show or even more.  Today he won the title of Best Puppy and got mark Very Promissing! We are so proud of him and his owners! Our congratulations to […]

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Having a rest together!


Everyday after work my kennel run to greet me. My thai ridgeback dogs give me kisses, hugs and make me so happy! In such moments I understand why I decided to have dogs.  Their true love makes me forget about all my troubles!

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Hiro’s son Azart!


Hiro’s second litter litter is getting older. Every his litter were born in another country.Yesterday they have mini-birthday — 18 months. Almost all of them got their first titles,first CACIBs. Azart beaautiful blue Thai Ridgeback Dog. He is good-looking well-bred young stud with  charming smile. I like that he lives in my beloved Ukraine because […]

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CACIB in Minsk Belarus 2-3 June 2012


This weekend in Belarus was International Dog Show. I was in Minsk and of course went to Dog Show to observe how Thai Ridgeback Dogs would represent our breed. besides I wanted to see my Hiro’s son. There were a few dogs but from different kennels. First day were 2 pups but Itel won Best […]

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World Dog Show 2012


As always our Hiro went to World Dog Show. This time he went only with our handler. Hiro was written to Champion Class. There were 5 Thai Ridgeback dogs i nthis class. Hiro got exelent mark and RCAC. We are proud of him!))))))

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