Blue B-puppies!

thai ridgeback

. Blue litter is growing very fast. We have great autumn weather and pups have first outdoor photos! Some new thai ridgebacks have found their new homes and are not available but some still looking for loving forever home. If You want to reserve or buy a puppy of Thai Ridgeback, please contact us by [...]

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Pups open eyes!

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The blue pups of Thai Ridgeback Dog just opened their eyes. Hiro and Shilka’s puppies now start to explore the surrounding.In Gattaca Kennel are busy days now but the breeder has found time to make new photos and forwarded to me. If You want to reserve or buy a puppy of Thai Ridgeback, please contact [...]

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Second blue litter «B» 2017.


Wonderful news from polsih Kennel FCI Gattaca: 30/09/2017  were born 10 blue pups from Hiro and Kanani. In their pedigree there are a lot of Interchampions, Multichampions, European Winners, vice European Winners, World Winners and vice World Winners thai ridgeback dogs. All pups are so;id blue, no DS, no kink tail, all with ridges. There [...]

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New photos of double blue litter.


We have fresh photos of the blue liter which was born 28/07/2017 in Polish Kennel Sniezne Zjawisko. This is second litter from same parents: Hiro and Astart. We are glad and proud of first litter and hope that new owners will be so much in love with pups as previous owners are. As far as [...]

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Mia got new titles!


02-03 September 2017 were 2 International Dog Shows in Minsk.  My Mia ( KUNG’S Mythaidog Tycoon ) got excellent results: 1 exc, CAC, Champion of Belarus! 1 exc, 1 CAC, 1 CACIB, Champion of Belarus! I am glad and very proud. Thank you very much to my friend Olga Aleksandrovich! She is a breeder of [...]

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Meeting Thai.

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We have a lot of friend all round the world due to huge net of our Hiro’s pups, grandpups, brothers, sisters. I think we can go every weekend  to a new place all year round just to visit each of them. Couple of weeks ago we decided to  see alife Hiro and Hasia’s son from [...]

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Fresh photos of blue litter 2017


Beautiful puppies form Hiro and Astar were born 27/07/2017 and here their first separate photo set. Male 1 (Mr Black Ribbon) Boy 2 (Mr White Ribbon) Boy 3 (Mr Yellow Ribbon) Boy 4 (Mr Light  Blue Ribbon) boy 5 (Mr Dark  Blue Ribbon) Girl 1 (Ms Crimson Ribbon) Girl 2 ( Ms Pink Ribbon) Girl 3 [...]

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Photos of newly born blue pups 27/07/2017


And here we are are! 6 handsome Boys: 3 beautiful Girls And all together If You want to reserve or buy a puppy of Thai Ridgeback, please contact us by e-mail:  MYTHAIDOG@GMAIL.COM

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First blue litter 2017


We are glad to announce that 28/07/2017 were born litter in the Kennel Snieżne Zjawiski from my Hiro Thai Ponlamaj and Astar Z LAsow Preczowskich. This double litter. This time was born 9 pups: 3 females and 6 males. Mother and pups feel well and soon will be their first photos. I forget to say [...]

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New photos of Sherry.


We are still looking for best hands for our Sherry. If You want to reserve or buy a puppy of Thai Ridgeback, please contact us by e-mail:  MYTHAIDOG@GMAIL.COM

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