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Puppies available 2020


Last year in our Mythaidog Kennel FCI were born 2 litters and 1 litter from my famous Hiro Thai Ponlamaj in friendly kennel Xena-Sawa FCI.

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Midnight Music Prince of Persia finished his brilliant career in Baby class


Our Prince (Midnight Music Prince of Persia) finished his brilliant career in Baby class and came to  Puppy class. In Puppy class Prince already has registered on  11 Dog Shows, including  World Dog Show! Here is a list of dog Shows which Prince visited during last 3 months. Dog Shows: 30.12.2012 «Lider» (CAC), class Baby, Moscow […]

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Puppies of Thai Ridgeback 4 weeks old now!


I’m so glad that my so long waiting litter is already one month old. It is the first litter of black thai ridgeback dog in Poland. These pups are born in my Kennel FCI — Mythaidog. It was a long term project. I’m looking for a propreat bitch for more than 2 years. Finaly i […]

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First Thai Ridgeback puppies with Mythaidog prefix!


On 30th of November our Becky gave birth to her first puppies. The whelping went quite and easy. The litter consists of three wonderful puppies. The girl was born as a first one. Then in an hour the boy has appeared, and after 20 minutes was born girl. All puppies are deep black, with a […]

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Thai ridgeback puppies LIVE!


We are glad to share with you wonderful news. Now all of us have the unique opportunity to watch how thai ridgeback pups are growing and develop on-line and non-stop. Everybody every minute can see what are they doing. These are the puppies from Hawaii Regal Thai Kennel whose parents are our Hiro and Lorrie’s […]

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New Thai ridgeback puppies!


Today, early in the morning we got wonderful news! Our Hiro has become a father of 9 puppies! Pups are born on Hawaii from charming black mother Noori! Whelping was easy notwithstanding the fact that she had a lot of pups in her belly! Litter consists of 6 females and 3 males. Two males are […]

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Hiro’s puppies in USA!


We  finally recieved good news from sunny California. Our Hiro once again became a  proud father of cute litter. This time the puppies were born in a California kennel of  Thai Ridgeback  — Mah Thai Kennel from awesome female named Phathu (Princess). First american litter consists of  one male of  blue color, one  male of […]

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Puppies of Thai Ridgeback will be so soon!


  These 2 pictures of our pregnant beauties of Thai Ridgeback Dogs who live in USA:  Phathu and Noori. Both future moms felling and doing well.  We wish to both Kennels to have a lot of healthy and beauty puppies!

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New Thai Ridgeback puppies coming soon!


In sunny California USA soon will born pups of Thai Ridgeback Dogs!  This year in USA will born 2 litters from our Hiro  in 2 kennels of TRD — Regal Thai Kennel (Hawaii) and Mah Thai Kennel (California). Beautiful black velur Phathu will become mother for the first time at the beginning of November 2012. […]

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We will have pups of Thai Ridgebacks in Hawaii USA!


We receive exelent brilliant wonderful news form Hawaii this weekend! In kennel of Thai Ridgeback Dog  — Regal Thai was confirmed the pregnancy of beautiful black bitch Noori! Hiro again becomes a father in the middle of November 2012. We planed this litter more than 2 years ago and only now our dream comes true. […]

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