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New Thai ridgeback puppies!


Today, early in the morning we got wonderful news! Our Hiro has become a father of 9 puppies! Pups are born on Hawaii from charming black mother Noori! Whelping was easy notwithstanding the fact that she had a lot of pups in her belly!

Litter consists of 6 females and 3 males. Two males are blue or even silver-blue and one is black. So 5 lucky girls are black and one girl is of beautiful blue colour. All colours are deep and vivid. They have all kind of ridges! All pups of good size from 345 till 553 gr, they feel themselves very well! No DS, kinky tails. It seems that all pups have velour coat but further will see.

Now they are eating, sleeping, eating and det acquainted with surrounding under mother’s sweet care!

On reservations and purchase Thai Ridgeback puppies  write to our email: MYTHAIDOG@GMAIL.COM.