Thai RidgebackThe fact that Thai Ridgeback Dog is a primitive breed proves that this dog is very unpretentious in every day life and frugal in meal. Such breed rarely becomes a subject of different illnesses and patalogies. There are no difficulties in overcoming physical and mental exercise. The representatives of Thai Ridgeback Breed differ from the other dogs by good coordination, deftness, sharpness and keenness. Besides that Thai dogs are usually forming intellectually very early, have very good memory and the age borders of development are clearly visible. As a primitive breed – Thai Ridgeback Dogs have a high level of steadiness and rational activity.  This is proved by the presence of natural instincts,   comprehensiveness of rituals, the ability of cooperated actions and other performances of social behavior. Other advantages of this breed are: cleanliness, lack of need of human’s help for taking care of posterity.

This fogs love to learn, but they get easily bored of repeating the same performance. Thai Dogs are observant with a good ability of imitation. Their inclination to independency appears comparatively early. As the whole Thai Ridgeback Dog’s behavior is more organized and complicated than the behavior of the majority of no primitive breeds.

Thai Ridgeback Dog is a very good companion. Very good physical qualities allow this dog to perform any “dog activity” together with the owner.

Independent character makes Thai Ridgeback Dogs tactfulness, unobtrusive and even similar to a cat. Besides that Thai Dog is clean and a very short hair don’t smell and makes this breed very hygienic to keep this pet in apartment.