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Puppies of Thai Ridgeback 4 weeks old now!


I’m so glad that my so long waiting litter is already one month old. It is the first litter of black thai ridgeback dog in Poland. These pups are born in my Kennel FCI — Mythaidog.

It was a long term project. I’m looking for a propreat bitch for more than 2 years. Finaly i found Bekky. She is from exelent bloodline from famous parents. She has exelent health and she is vivid representetive of  V group. Bekky also has  nice  right anatomy. She did show career and i decide to try her in sport next year. I think she also succeed in it.

I wrote about the father of the puppies — Hiro.  So here I can only mentione that he is not Interchampion and Multychampion but he is also Champion of East Europe and Champion of  Europe and Vice World Winner. He is absolutly healthy dog  who is training wieght-pooling and he also start new sports next year.

So these puppies are very promissing. They are grow too fast and gainning weight. They love to run, to jump, to play with each other and their mother Bekky. The litter is clear and healthy. Scizor bite.

Puppies have already strated eat natural food and special dog food. Soon the litter will be checked by International judge of FCI.

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