In different litters  some pups are still available. There are 2 blue boys, 4 black boys, 2 black girls. Soon will be new photos. If You want to reserve or buy a puppy of Thai Ridgeback, please contact us by e-mail:  MYTHAIDOG@GMAIL.COM

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Puppies are getting older.


We have available puppies from different litters for sale. Here are their new photos, all of them now are approximately 1 months old and soon will be ready to move to new homes. If  You want to reserve or buy a puppy of Thai Ridgeback, please contact us by e-mail: MYTHAIDOG@GMAIL.COM

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Some puppies are available.


All litters were born and from these puppies there are some who are available. There are some blue females and 2 black females who are looking for best homes. There  are only 2 blue males who are not reserved. If  You want to reserve or buy a puppy of Thai Ridgeback, please contact us by [...]

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New litter «SH».


And the last wonderful news I got 19/11/2016. Our black-red couple Shine and Riccota  gave us 7 wonderful pups. There are 2 males ( one blue, another is black) and 5 females ( 2 red and 3 blacks). Colors are vivid and solid. All pups have wide  correct beautiful ridges, no DS, no kinck tails. I [...]

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New blue litter.

unnamed (1)

Today at night was born new blue litter from Bonita Atletico! There 6 blue velur coated healthy puppies. all with ridges, no kinck tails, DS not found. There are 4 females and 2 males. But in total same quantity as sister BO whelped. From sister’s litter there are only 2 pups are available for sale. [...]

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Future mothers.


Now we have for sale only some puppies from litter «K» which were born 07/11/2016. So these pups is the last chance to get blue TRD puppy before New Year from us! But this and next week we will have next 4 litters. Pups will be of different colours. Here are fresh photos of mothers-to-be. [...]

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Litter «K» was born!


And first happy news ! First autumn puppies were born 7/11/2016! Proud parents are Hiro Thai Ponlamaj(blue) and BO Atletico (fawn)! There are 3 males and 3 females in litter «K»! All pups are big, blue velur with nice ridges. No kinck tails, DS not found. My huge congrats to the breeder! If You want [...]

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Breeding plans of Mythaidog Kennel FCI 2016


This year  all our stud dogs from my kennel — Mythaidog FCI  - mated successfully females from other kennels even from different countries. Hiro have had one litter in Latvia already.Pups are sold and are moving to new homes now. Soon he will have 3 more litters. First litter with fawn BO, second litter with [...]

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Black-blue litter 2016


And one more amazing news especially for those who are waiting puppies from this couple. Pregnancy is confirmed. My blue stud dog Hiro and black female Kareen will be proud parents of this litter. And again  among forefathers of  future pups are World Winners, Vice World Winner, European Winner, Vice European Winners, Multy champions and  very [...]

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We expect one more new litter!


We are more than happy to announce  that in second decade of November we expect new litter from very promising couple. Sir of future litter is my black stud dog Shine Right Like Diamonds  and  Dam is beautiful vivid red Night Keepish Ricotta. From this parents could born all four colours but for sure will be [...]

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