Females thai ridgeback pups fro sale.


There are 2 last females from the litter of Hiro and Bo are available. beautiful Agawa and Akacja are looking for best forever homes. Their siblings live in Czech Republic and Poland. Their brothers and sisters from litter-2016 live in Germany, USA, Spain, Norway and United Kingdom. Girls are blue, velur, one is for breeding […]

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New blue pups 2018!


We have wonderful news from Latvia! From our Hiro and Tuay Foo of Noppakao were born blue litter. Puppies were born in the middle of sunny January. There 4 females and 2 males.All are beautiful solid blue colour. Here is link to pup’s pedigreee We congratulate the breeder and wish our pups great health […]

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Last blue litter 2017


I am very pleased and happy to present our  last litter from  the year 2017. The pride mother is beautiful and gorgeous sporty sexy and active Hava Habas! She has not only outstanding look but she has very sweet and open character! She is the winner of many Dog Shows and this is her first […]

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New Litter from Furia and Hiro!


We are glad to announce that 16 December 2017 was born new litter from Hiro and Furia. There 9 puppies: 7 blue boys and 2 blue girls. All have solid blue colour of different shadows of blue and different type of coat: from ultra short  and velvet  to ordinary short  type. Prices are differ. If […]

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Males for sale.


There are 2 beautiful blue males  TRD pups for sale from Hiro and Thaia. Pups were born 03/11/2017. Puppies are blue, velvet-coated, both are pet quality. This is unique chance to get excellent thai ridgeback by low price from excellent parents and from experienced breeder.Pups are started their socialization, they are brave and friendly, open […]

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3 blue females for sale.


Now we have available only 3 females for sale from last litter. pups were born from Hiro and Thaia 3/11/2017 All 3 females are very sweet and open for every new thing and to new people. They are very brave and playful. One has short dark blue coat and 2 have blue light blue velvet […]

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Blue female (breeding class).


Amazing blue female for sale.  She is open to everything new and love to discover the surrounding. Little blue princess loves to play with siblings. Here you can have a look on her pedigree. The pup is almost 8 weeks old, socialization process has started successfully, soon she can move to new forever home. We ship […]

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Blue female. (reserved)


Beautiful blue  female for sale.  She is very sweet and tender, playful girl. Here you can have a look on her pedigree. The pup is 7 weeks old, socialization process has started successfully, soon she can move to new forever home. We ship pups worldwide. If You want to reserve or buy a puppy of […]

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Be The Wolf.


I love this Red Collar Boy very much! He is the only  one boy with short coat in the litter B, all his 6 brothers are velvet-coated ones. He is dominant, active, very smart and not for everyone. We want to find for him family without small children and male dogs. Thai Ridgeback Dog is […]

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Pups are 1 month old!


I am really glad our second litter grows so fast. i got new photos and want to share. If You want to reserve or buy a puppy of Thai Ridgeback, please contact us by e-mail: MYTHAIDOG@GMAIL.COM

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