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Thai Ridgeback Dog on Wedding Party!


One  of my best friends Ekaterina got married at the beginning of August. We were invited. I can’t leave Hiro home  — so i took him with me.

It was a long trip by train — 17 hours. I love to travel with my  Thai Ridgeback Dog. He is always calm, obidient and seems to enjoy very much traveling by car, by bus or by train.

Ekaterina is the breeder of Thai Ridgeback  Dogs. She has a big and famous kennel — Midnait Music Kennel. So I was very exited to show her my Hiro again.  She knows a lot about TRD, she visited Thailand many times. She knows almost all Thai Ridgeback Breeders, she disscused with them important issues regarding our breed. Ekaterina took her dogs to Thailand National Dog Shows. She has one Thailand Champion and 2 candidates in Thailand Champions.

All Katia’s friends and family loves Hiro.He was a special guest at her special day. He greeted all guests and friends, took part in every activity and spent a lot of time with beautiful bride’s friends.

We have a lot of pics and have spent great time in Moscow! We are very grateful to Ekaterina, Mihail! We wish them a long happy life together!!!