Super black female puppy.


We want proudly present super beautiful black female puppy   Sherry who is very promising for dog shows and breeding. This is information about her and siblings: 1, 2, 3,

Her father

Her mother

Photos of parents

Her pedigree

All brothers and sisters are  in USA, UK,Belgium,Russia. The breeder decided to keep her as a new star of her kennel and didn’t sell her. She even started show career. Shery got on her first Dog Show — Best Baby of Breed and CW. Her breeder — Olga Aleksandrovich, has huge passion to cynology, breeding, training (handling, coursing, hunting sports etc) but she is also a successful producer and lately she was hired for two big cinema projects. And she will be very busy till the end of the year. She has now no time for dog shows and training. So we are looking for best home for Sherry. She is socialized, well-trained and as i have already written very promising for Dog Shows and breeding purposes.

All pups from all litters are sold and now we are planning new litters. So Sherry is the only pup for sale who has connection to my Mythaidog Kennel FCI.

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