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Thai ridgeback in our family


Our decision to have a dog came very spontaneously:  one night we just started to look through the web pages of dog’s breeds. There were a lot of arguments:  personally I liked wolfhounds, but my husband was absolutely intolerant to this breed (“what for do we need this shabby bearded dog???”). And suddenly we had come upon the miracle we had never seen before – it is appeared to be Thai Ridgeback Dog in blue color. After ten minutes of learning about the breed, we realized that we fell in love in Thai Ridgeback Dog and don’t want any other dog else.  Next day we came across different pages of the owners. We were pretty surprised that the buyers should sign up for a queue to buy this dog in advance almost up to the year.  And unexpectedly we had seen on the web page of Runa that there were some very marvellous puppies for sell. My husband suddenly showed picture of Hiro and said – “He”. We’ve written the mail to Svetlana and few days later we arranged an appointment in Kiev, were I left for in a couple of weeks. It is very hard to describe what I’ve felt when I saw this miracle for a first time.  It was absolutely different from just looking on the pictures.  The puppy immediately jumped on my hands and we didn’t part any more. Unfortunately my husband met the dog only on 26th of May (after 2.5 months!). This is polish bureaucracy caused impossibility to obtain visa.  So about the bringing up of puppy husband was informed just by phone at the same time learning the process of growing up by photos that I hade sent to him.  He was very upset that he will meet a big dog, which would not recognize him and would “bite” (well, it was joke though). But everything was OK. Now we are wery happy in our big family