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Every day care of Thai Ridgeback Dogs


This breed do not need some special care. They have short coat,some of almost hearless. The length of the coat is from 2 mm to 2 sm. So they do not need to be washed often. For example I can wash my Thai Ridgeback Dogs once in half a year. Of course if  they have to be shown on the Dog Show I used to wash them before. I use shampoo Plush Puppy for sensetive coat. Also i use some products from Biogroome.

During the period when they changing coat I also wash them and comb my Hiro and Bekki.

Also at least once a week I clean them iars and every day I clean them eyes.

Once in 2 weeks i cut them nails. Every day after their walk on the street i wash them paws.

That’s all you need to make your Thai Ridgeback clean shine and healthy!