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My Bekky!


Our Thai Ridgeback Dog  — Bekky becomes more and more beautiful every day! I love to see how she is developes! I’m so happy that I’ve chosen her last year. I do not have any plans to buy a bitch. But when I saw her and realized that it is last litter of famous P.A.T.S.’ JADED and LOOKCHOOP  OF FRIEND KENNEL  I didn’t hesitate.. I decide to add her to my kennel because of 4 reasons. First of all because of her anatomy. She has wonderful body as a puppy and now she prooves my expectations. Of course she is still young so she will become more beautiful during 1-2 years. We can see a vivid example of how P.A.T.S.’ JADED’s daughters are beautiful. This example is Igla,she has numerous titles all over the world and  her anatomy is great!

Second reason is her bloodline. She is line-bitch with very interesting pedigree.her father has blue dogs in his pedigree. Her mom has — red dogs in her pedigree. So I’m very much looking forward of her future pups.

Third reason that her adul brothers and sisters from elder duble-litter have already had their own litters and all pups are free from DS, kinky tails, ridgeless, long hair, food or other allergy.This line is very strong and healthy.And the last reason is her beautiful deep red colour with wonderful vivd black mask! I always dream about such bitch! I very love my Bekki and enjoy being with her every day of my life!