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First Thai Ridgeback puppies with Mythaidog prefix!


On 30th of November our Becky gave birth to her first puppies. The whelping went quite and easy. The litter consists of three wonderful puppies. The girl was born as a first one. Then in an hour the boy has appeared, and after 20 minutes was born girl. All puppies are deep black, with a very beautiful ridges and without any drawbacks. Now it is difficult to saydefenetly what type of coat they have but most likely it is velur.No DS or kink tails.

Since their birth o Becky behaves as the most caring mother in the world. We are very pleased that the new puppies of Thai Ridgeback is under such sensitive care of their mother.

We are happy and proud cause such a wonderful litter of Thai Ridgeback puppies will have a prefix of our kennel — Mythaidog (FCI).