Thai Ridgeback pups available.


There are several litters from our Hiro in different FCI Kennels now.



Litter from Hava and Hiro:

There are 4 males  available . Date of birth 17/11/2017

Litter from Tuay Foo and Hiro:

There are 1 female and 2 males available. Date of birth 17/01/2018

Litter from BO and Hiro: 

There are 2 females available. Date of birth 03/11/2017

Litter from Bonita and Hiro: 

There is 1 female available. Date of birth 16/12/2017

Also there are a lot of photos on our FB page. But for more info and video please fill free to Contact us directly .


If You want to reserve or buy a puppy of Thai Ridgeback, please contact us by e-mail: