New photos of double blue litter.


We have fresh photos of the blue liter which was born 28/07/2017 in Polish Kennel Sniezne Zjawisko. This is second litter from same parents: Hiro and Astart. We are glad and proud of first litter and hope that new owners will be so much in love with pups as previous owners are. As far as I know all puppies are reserved . Only two pups are still under evaluations because they have  not vivid ridges. We will know their quality after judges from Polish Kennel Club FCI check them.It will happen in nearest future.

Also we have wonderful news!One more pregnancy in one Polish kennel FCi is confirmed.So  in the end of this month must be a litter! The breeder didn’t make ultra-sound but considered the female as a pregnant one because of growing belly.

A week ago another mating took place and in 4 weeks I hope to announce one more confirmation of pregnancy.

And it would not be the end of surprises, I hope. We plan more matings , just waiting for heat.

 Keep fingers crossed for us!

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